We found out today that the bears in Blueberries for Sal ended up eating the blueberries. We were very glad to find out they didn't eat Sal or her mom! When we stopped reading today Sal heard a noise on the other side of the rock- we predict the noise is
the Bears
Mom screaming
The bears attacking mom

In math we found out that 5 of our students are the oldest and 15 students are not the oldest. It was great to see so many students recognize that 15 is more than 5.

We took our beginning of the year writing prompt today which was a little bit hard because students wanted help, but I couldn't help them.

Please keep reading with your children! If you wonder what you could work on with your child at home- right now is a great time to keep working on letters and numbers.

This group is working on the word see.
I made a giraffe!

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