We are learning about all different kinds of writing. We learned that Mrs. Earle needs to write a list before she gets her groceries.

In math: we built towers, a race car, castles, a house, and robots. Today was our last day with the math tools- we will get new ones tomorrow!!

When we came in from recess our numbers were all mixed up! (DRAKE)--- We had to put them back in order from 1-10.

In reading we talked about where we like to read when we are at home.
    My room- Madison
    My room- Keely
    My mom reads me a book before bed- Egypt
    In the living room- Kerry
    In the living room- Da'zir
    In the kitchen- Mickelson

We are still practicing reading quietly to our self.

Ask your child if he/she can sort the following words using fruit/not a fruit:


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