Well, I woke up this morning- and knew that my students would be super excited today! They have been talking about snow for weeks!! They know I hate the snow! So that made it even better--- FOR THEM!

Today we worked on setting and learned that in a story our characters can go many places! We are tying this into our writing and learning that our sentences have to have a beginning, middle and end- they must all have someone or something (animal) doing something and then tell where the people are. Students thought it was fun to see a picture of my brother and me getting ready to run-- so the sentence was Mrs. Earle and Dustin are going to run in Des Moines. The students do a great job of deciding who did it, what did they do, and where were they.

Today was an extra special day because we had visitors from Tanzania come to Lowell and tell us all about life in Tanzania. We learned about the animals, food, and school in Tanzania. Can you imagine 100 kindergarteners in class with only 1 teacher? I can't!! We learned that students wear uniforms just like we do, and they have to walk almost 6 miles to school

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