We finished our poster with numbers 0-10 today! Students are really getting good at counting out objects! Today we had to find out how many cats were in a box that had 3 tails sticking out. We discovered there would be 3 cats because Da'Zir told us that each tail needed a cat! Great thinking!

We continued working on read to self. It's great to hear students reading and talking about what they see happening in pictures.

RED? We are continuing to work on the color word red- Ask your child if he/she can name 4-5 things that are red. Can he/she spell red?? We are working on it!

What a hot day! I'm glad some students are bringing in water bottles. If your child is hot or thirsty, please know that we take frequent breaks to get drinks.

Today in reading we started learning about what our reading rotations will look like. We practiced Read to Self. We learned that during read to self- we stay in one spot and read the entire time. We did a nice job today and will keep practicing the next few days. 

In math we learned the number words 6 and 7 and practiced counting out cubes for numbers 0-7. 

We are still working on our procedures and expectations in the classroom. I think students enjoyed choosing their lunch on the board today. 

Finally I can upload photos to the blog! Today was a great day in our room. We are really getting down some of our routines which has allowed us to get in some math, reading, and science. 

Today in reading we made a name chart with all of our names- we were amazed how many names we have that start with M. We read Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes and talked about how she feels throughout the story. 

In math we reviewed the numbers 0-5 and showed 5 objects when we saw the number 5 on the board. To end math, we had to write our name, count how many letters are in our name and show that number. Francisco has 9 letters and is showing his work in the picture above. 
In writing we focused on how we can add detail to drawing pictures and how those pictures can tell a story. 

In science, we are working on our 5 senses. We are using our 5 senses to help Mrs. Earle label her sugar and flour jar. We've talked about how they look and sound so far.