Today was such a great day in reading! We took a step back to revisit our "jobs" during each reading rotation- we know have a form that we are going to fill out everyday to help us see what we are doing during rotations and to show what we are learning. It was a GREAT day for me because as the entire class was reading to themselves at the same time, I could conference with students and talk with them about the characters in their book and the setting. I would LOVE to do this more often and am working on a new schedule so this happens each day!

In math we read the book Tikki Tikki Tembo- we found out that his name is SUPER long and we would not want to write that everyday! We will look at how many letters are in our name next week and compare with others.

In writing students had fun telling me about a picture that I hadn't seen- they described it to me, and I drew what they were telling me on the board. We found out that the pictures didn't match because instead of a yellow ball, I drew a basketball. We will continue to work on these things to help students add details to their sentences.

PLEASE ENJOY THE 4 days at home with your children! I hope to see you at conferences tomorrow- and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that attended conferences last night.

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