Parents- this blog is a little different than normal- This is a tribute to you! 

As I was running home from school today I got to reflect on the events of the day and the year. With little sleep the last few nights I was a little short in the patience area and the students could tell.  They were worried about me- all day a student kept asking "Mrs. Earle are you ok?" My response was "yes" but my thought was no- I just want to sleep. Well, I want to thank you paand let you all know that you should be proud of your children and the good, caring citizens they are. The students went above and beyond to "help" Mrs. Earle today. Whether it was asking if they could fill up my water bottle, pick up the computers after workshop, or turn the lights off so we could see a picture on the board- the students stepped to show they care. I want you to all know how much your children mean to me. I love my job because of YOUR CHILDREN!! 
When we were dismissing, one student told me I was like her second mom- another one said "Yes! Our class is full of brothers and sisters- we are a family." To have this feeling in the short few weeks of school shows me that your children feel safe and comfortable in their school "home." That is a great thing to see as the teacher- everyone looking out for everyone else. And if the above wasn't proof enough of our "family," today a student knocked on the door while I was using the restroom to ask me a question--- I felt like I was at home with my own children!! 

Thank you for having great children, I cannot thank you enough for trusting them in my hands at school. 

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