Well, if it snows tonight the children will get their wish- they were ALL hoping for snow tonight. I told them they would all be in BIG trouble if that happens! I hate cold weather.
SO if we get any snow tonight- it's all their fault!

Just a reminder we do still go outside even though it's getting colder- so please send a jacket with your child.

Today we wrote about going on a trip and what we would need to take with us. Students were upset that I am going to Des Moines for a run and the circus this weekend- but I promised them they would all have fun this weekend at home with their families.

In math we started comparing things and finding out what is longer and shorter. We used a ten tower as our measuring tool. Students had fun finding things around the room that are taller/shorter and longer/shorter than their tower.

Students in reading group were pulling letters out of a bag and had to come up with a word that starts with their letter. I was very happy with words students came up with.


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