Students continue to do a great job with our reading rotations. I can see students enjoying stories as they are listening to them on the computer, students are getting better with letter identification using apps on the iPad- everything they are practicing is really carrying over to small group reading. 

We are reading Blueberries for Sal and using the book to make predictions. We learned that Sal is eating all the blueberries. Today when we quit reading, we looked at a picture with a mama and baby bear- some things we predicted are: 
The bears will eat Sal. 
The bears will eat the blueberries. 
The bears will be mad that Sal is eating their blueberries. 

We will find out tomorrow if our predictions are right. 

In math we are continue to record objects using the counting jar, explore with connecting cubes, geoblocks and pattern blocks. 

In writing today we learned about using describing words. Some described their flower as red, big, pretty, yellow and alive What great words!! 

I just want to give you a heads up that I will be in a meeting all day on Friday. I will be at Lowell, but will have a sub. If you have any questions please let me know. 
Thank you.

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