WOW! I hope your children are going home as tired as I am today! We were on the go all day long! I'm really proud of the students and the way they are handling the reading workshop. Their independence allows me to work with students and concentrate on small groups.
Today we talked about why we read everyday- "To get smarter for first grade," "To be better readers" were some responses I got. The class told me if I don't practice running I will never get better- I told them it's just like reading.

In math we looked at buttons and played a game called Button Match. Students were with a partner and they had to match attributes of buttons and tell why they matched (color, shape, number of holes in the middle).

In writing we are continuing to add words and sentences to our pictures.

Today we met Ms. Rowan and Ms. Priske who will work with us on Tuesdays. They are UNI students and this is their first experience in the classroom.

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