Today we had some very special surprises. I put a project on Donors Choose and found out last week it was funded. Well today, we got 3 HUGE boxes. We could barely wait until after music to open them. Students promised to do their job this afternoon so we could open the boxes- we didn't want to wait any longer! In each box was a large bean bag- that students will get to use during read to self time. We were so excited to try them- there was NO way we could do writing.  We each got to have 1 minute to read on a bean bag- I will post pictures tomorrow because the students sure do look comfortable!

Today students journaled about their favorite part of our story "Franklin in the Dark." A lot of people were happy when Franklin turned the light on in his shell so he wasn't afraid any longer. 

In math we compared two trains and talked about each train. We kept discussing that when we do something over and over it is a pattern. After talking about the trains- students got to make their own train- the only rule was there had to be 8 cubes. Some students made patterns and 

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