I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

Today was a great day in room 111. We got a lot accomplished! Students were really working hard.
In large group reading we read the book Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Students had to write about their favorite part. We will work on looking at characters this week- and deciding which characters are our favorite, and talk about how characters behave in the story.

In math I saw so many students using great thinking! We are working on grabbing connecting cubes, counting how many we grabbed and drawing that number of objects.
We are also working on Roll and Record- for this we roll a dice and color in a square for whatever number we roll. It's fun to see students talking with their partner about what they are noticing about their numbers (5 has the most, I haven't rolled a 1 yet!)

In science we are starting a unit on fall. We read the book Fall Leaves Fall and talked about signs of fall. If your child talks about leaves, we do need leaves for a couple of projects on Thursday and Friday. So, yes they can bring leaves to school!

In writing we continued to work on labeling our pictures using beginning and ending sounds of words and some have started to try to write sentences.

I hope your child is as tired as his/her teacher is today!!! We all worked really hard today!

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