I cannot believe this is the last day of September! It seems like the school year just started- and here we are already a month in! I look at the growth students have made in this short time and look forward to seeing them grow the rest of the school year.

Today in reading we talked more about predictions. We looked at the cover Baby Talk By: Joy Cowley and predicted the mother lion would put the baby in a cage and the lions would get food. We found out that the story is actually about different animals and what their babies are called- it also tells us the sounds the animals make. "A baby cat is a kitten. It goes meow, meow, meow." Our guess about the story wasn't what really happened, but we talked about how the picture and our thinking were matches because that's what we know about lions.

Some groups are working on using the iPad to make a book of things that start with Cc and another group is making a book about things they like to play. I am hoping I'll be able to share those on our blog when finished!

In writing today we were the experts about animals. We chose an animal to write about and had to tell one thing we know about that animal. In the picture Keely wrote "I like cats because they are the best." She made a goal that she would work on putting space between her words- she can do that by using her finger to mark the space. We worked on adding space to our sentences, capital letters and ending punctuation. We decided there is a lot to know about writing!


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