I was surprised that students were a little tired today- maybe it was the dreadful weather. Our bellies sure did tell us we were not adjusted to the time zone change.

In reading today we started talking about what happens at the beginning of our stories. We are using Franklin in the Dark to model this as a large group- and students get to choose a book to write about. We will journal about the beginning, middle and end this week- then talk about our favorite part and decide if that happened in the beginning, middle or end. 

Today in math we learned that to observe means to look carefully. We did an observation walk to see if we notice anything new around Lowell. Some students noticed pumpkins on steps, we found a new set of steps at Lowell. 

In writing we started making our sentence buddies- and we learned that a sentence needs a head and feet to be complete. Students are doing a nice job of understanding that authors don't always 

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