Today during small group reading we got a very special surprise! Mr. Gary brought in 4 BIG boxes for us. Students were very excited to know what was in all the boxes. We opened the boxes to find our project material from Donors Choose. I wish I had the camera ready to take pictures of the students and their excitement as we opened each and every box. We got 18 sets of nonfiction books. I had a HUGE sense of pride to see the students and their excitement! We can't wait to start reading all those books and learning about the weather, sports, and people in the community. 

We worked a little bit on rhyming with the words cap and can today. We learned those are the AP and AN family. This was difficult for students, but we will keep practicing. 

We also were excited to meet Romeo today. He is our new student and the class was very helpful in getting Romeo set up with our routines and finding where everything is in the room and building. Again- another example of what a great class we have!!!

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