I cannot believe this is the last day of September! It seems like the school year just started- and here we are already a month in! I look at the growth students have made in this short time and look forward to seeing them grow the rest of the school year.

Today in reading we talked more about predictions. We looked at the cover Baby Talk By: Joy Cowley and predicted the mother lion would put the baby in a cage and the lions would get food. We found out that the story is actually about different animals and what their babies are called- it also tells us the sounds the animals make. "A baby cat is a kitten. It goes meow, meow, meow." Our guess about the story wasn't what really happened, but we talked about how the picture and our thinking were matches because that's what we know about lions.

Some groups are working on using the iPad to make a book of things that start with Cc and another group is making a book about things they like to play. I am hoping I'll be able to share those on our blog when finished!

In writing today we were the experts about animals. We chose an animal to write about and had to tell one thing we know about that animal. In the picture Keely wrote "I like cats because they are the best." She made a goal that she would work on putting space between her words- she can do that by using her finger to mark the space. We worked on adding space to our sentences, capital letters and ending punctuation. We decided there is a lot to know about writing!

So many amazing things are happening in room 111. Please stop by the student spotlight page to check out the GREAT work students are doing. I will post comments, pictures, and notes about students 2-
We found out today that the bears in Blueberries for Sal ended up eating the blueberries. We were very glad to find out they didn't eat Sal or her mom! When we stopped reading today Sal heard a noise on the other side of the rock- we predict the noise is
the Bears
Mom screaming
The bears attacking mom

In math we found out that 5 of our students are the oldest and 15 students are not the oldest. It was great to see so many students recognize that 15 is more than 5.

We took our beginning of the year writing prompt today which was a little bit hard because students wanted help, but I couldn't help them.

Please keep reading with your children! If you wonder what you could work on with your child at home- right now is a great time to keep working on letters and numbers.

This group is working on the word see.
I made a giraffe!
Students continue to do a great job with our reading rotations. I can see students enjoying stories as they are listening to them on the computer, students are getting better with letter identification using apps on the iPad- everything they are practicing is really carrying over to small group reading. 

We are reading Blueberries for Sal and using the book to make predictions. We learned that Sal is eating all the blueberries. Today when we quit reading, we looked at a picture with a mama and baby bear- some things we predicted are: 
The bears will eat Sal. 
The bears will eat the blueberries. 
The bears will be mad that Sal is eating their blueberries. 

We will find out tomorrow if our predictions are right. 

In math we are continue to record objects using the counting jar, explore with connecting cubes, geoblocks and pattern blocks. 

In writing today we learned about using describing words. Some described their flower as red, big, pretty, yellow and alive What great words!! 

I just want to give you a heads up that I will be in a meeting all day on Friday. I will be at Lowell, but will have a sub. If you have any questions please let me know. 
Thank you.

In reading we continued to talk about why we read everyday; "So we can get better!"
In reading groups today we continued working on letter identification, reading our books and using sounds and pictures to help us figure out words we don't know.
In math we continued with button match up- kids are finding great ways to match their buttons!!

In writing we used some of the things we've been talking about in reading to add in our writing. We had to figure out sentences by using just clues of the beginning sound. Some students are drawing
Just a reminder we DO have school tomorrow!
I am sorry the blog hasn't been updated this week- I went to add pictures over lunch and noticed that my updates were in the draft folder and not published for you all to view. I apologize for that.

I am adding pictures on the pictures tab of work we have been doing this week. Thank you to everyone that has been sending back homework.

Today fundraising information is going home and if you and your child choose to sell the fundraising items that's great. There is a lot of information about it coming home in blue folders today.

Just a reminder it is usually COLD in our room- if you want to send a sweatshirt with your child it need to be one color and cannot have a hood.
WOW! I hope your children are going home as tired as I am today! We were on the go all day long! I'm really proud of the students and the way they are handling the reading workshop. Their independence allows me to work with students and concentrate on small groups.
Today we talked about why we read everyday- "To get smarter for first grade," "To be better readers" were some responses I got. The class told me if I don't practice running I will never get better- I told them it's just like reading.

In math we looked at buttons and played a game called Button Match. Students were with a partner and they had to match attributes of buttons and tell why they matched (color, shape, number of holes in the middle).

In writing we are continuing to add words and sentences to our pictures.

Today we met Ms. Rowan and Ms. Priske who will work with us on Tuesdays. They are UNI students and this is their first experience in the classroom.
Today was a fun day in reading workshop. Some groups worked on creating an ABC book while others started working on writing sight words they know. We will start using both of these books in small group reading and writing workshops to help our writing.

In math we looked at buttons to see how we could group them together. We also worked on the counting jar- counting 5 objects and showing 5 objects on paper.

In writing we looked at a picture of children at a birthday party. We thought about what we saw in the picture for a minute, and shared with a partner what we saw. We then used our thoughts on the Promethean Board to show the labels in the picture. Students also wrote and labeled what they like to do or what they think is
I apologize for not posting anything on Thursday- I met some UNI students in a meeting.

I'm excited to announce that we will be having UNI students in our classroom to help work with students starting tomorrow. It will be great to have them in the classroom and helping all students as needed. 

This week we are going to be focusing on different ways to sort objects, talking about what good readers do, and continue working on our reading skills. 

I created a project on Donors Choose to get more materials in our classroom. Donors choose helps teachers provide more resources for students. I have created a project that will help students build their reading skills. If you are interested in seeing this project the website is: http://www.donorschoose.org/project/creating-literate-minds/1072553/ please share the website with others.  I will keep you posted when this gets funded and the project is in our hands. I'm h
Today was another successful day in reading. I saw a lot of great reading skills being transferred from one day to the next. Thank you for working with students at home.

In math we got to explore with buttons, attribute blocks and color tiles. We discussed that we can sort the buttons by shape. We can also sort the buttons and color tiles by colors.
Alex used the color tiles to design the number two.

In writing we decided that as authors we are experts about a topic just like an author is of nonfiction.  We practiced our writing with a picture, labeling, and writing sentences.

Just a reminder there is NO school on Friday.

Please return homework and read to ride TOMORROW! :)